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Base:  Marina of Heraklion, Crete, Greece

Skippered Charters:  min time frame: half - day

Bareboat Charters:  min time frame: 4 nights

Elounda bay area is one of the most famous vacation destinations worldwide.

It lies 11 km north – west of Agios Nikolaos and is known for its wind – protected sandy coves, rocky coastlines, the beautiful village of Elounda itself, the fishing harbor, the sunken city of Olous (one of the most important cities during the Minoan era) and of course for the sensational Spinalonga islet.

Elounda bay includes some of the finest hotels and resorts in the world. Executive villas, bungalows, royal suites of all kinds.

Greek style is paired with modern design, exceptional comfort and imperial glamour, Private pools and beaches, spas, golf terrains, Private marinas.

Highest–end VIP services, gourmet gastronomy, beach bars, pool bars, scuba diving schools, courts for all kinds of sports combined with ultimate level of privacy and security consist of this unique place with one of the highest concentrations of top luxury resorts in the Mediterranean Sea.


Following the seaside road towards Plaka, you will be amazed by the tranquil beauty of the landscape. Calm waters, old fishermen in colorful, traditional fishing caïques, tiny sandy or pebbled beaches lay all the way to the charming small fishing village of Plaka and the magnificent fortress – islet named Spinalonga.

Elounda ... a place name that can be spoken easily, but not easily described. An everlasting  experience to feel and dream of !!​


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Elounda Bay Area

Base:  Marina of Heraklion, Crete, Greece

Skippered Charters:  min time frame: half - day

Bareboat Charters:  min time frame: 4 nights

On their way to Elounda village visitors will be able to stop at the "Panorama" spot and enjoy some breathtaking views of  Mirabello Bay and Elounda Bay simultaneously. 

The village itself is located on the southern coast of Elounda Bay,  1 km west of the sunken city of Olous (one of the most important cities during the Minoan era). The name of the contemporary village comes from Olous. 

At the foot of the mountains lie the four villages of Elounda Bay Area : Pano and Kato Elounda, Mavrikiano and the new settlement, the so-called "Shisma of Elounda".

All four villages enjoy the enviable position of being close to the sea. A sea that, according to A. Makridakis:

"Is like a sapphire under the blue light of the sky, pink on summer evenings and silver on moonlit nights. Taking a bathe in its smooth and sweet light gives you an ultimate feeling of true peace. It is like dreaming with open eyes when you swim in this sea, or just look at it from afar".

In the twenties and thirties, this sea had been used as a landing and supply port for the sea planes of the British airline "Imperial".

Mother nature had sufficient inspiration to enrich the place with colours, shapes and boldness to give it a glamorous touch. Filmmakers, painters, musicians and poets will find special inspiration here.

The whole area is the epitome of sublime excellency and recreation. Elounda bay has become top – preferred destination for sheikhs, billionaires, royalties, presidents and all kinds of celebrities.


Base:  Marina of Heraklion, Crete, Greece

Skippered Charters:  min time frame: half - day

Bareboat Charters:  min time frame: 4 nights

Elounda has a rich history beginning with the ancient city of Olous. Archaeological finds have shown that the Elounda area has been inhabited since Minoan times, while the city - state of Olous, mentioned in Homer’s epics, arose here later, in historical times.

Ancient Olous was located on the site known as Poros, around the narrow strip of land connecting Elounda to the peninsula of Κolokytha opposite. It was the most powerful city - state near Lato, one of the greatest on the island, with a sanctuary, harbour and its own coinage.

The bulk of the ancient city of Olous was reclaimed by the sea towards the end of the Ancient Greek period and is still visible, in part, when diving in the shallow waters or even from the surface during calm days.


Elounda flourished in Roman and Byzantine times. This period of prosperity lasted until the ominous appearance of the Arab corsairs in the 7th century AD. 

During the Arab period, the inhabitants of Olous withdrew to villages in the interior of the prefecture, abandoning their city. By the time the Venetians restored the harbour to its former glory, Elounda was in ruins.

Venetians, who always prized maritime commerce, made good use of the excellent natural harbour. They also built saltpans in the shallow waters of the bay, to supply the particularly lucrative salt trade.

However, despite the Venetian naval domination, the pirate threat was still real. In order to ensure protection from the pirates and from the Turks, the Venetians fortified the island of Spinalonga in 1579, to improve the defense of the harbour and Elounda Bay in general.

During the early 1900s, Elounda acted as a stopping off point for lepers being transported to the leper colony at Spinalonga.

In the 1930s the enclosed waters between Elounda and the Spinalonga peninsula (known as "Mirabella Harbour") had been used by the luxury flying boat airliners of the British Imperial Airways as an intermediate landing point for long - range flights to the middle east and beyond.

In 1936, August 22, the flying boat "Scipio", on its way back from India, flipped over and sank in "Mirabella Harbour" after landing heavily, killing two passengers.


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