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What Sets Us Apart

Growing up in a place like Greece, with more than 4.000 islands, a coastline of about 14.000 km, sunshine between 2.500 to 3.000 hours annually and sea temperature from 15°C to 28°C, being passionate about sailing looks like a second nature for us.

It is nothing new, it comes straight from the Minoan era, maybe even earlier.

Our genuine love and enthusiasm for almost every kind of sea activity inspired us to choose yachting as our profession. MGV-Yachts-Cruises is a prominent yachting and travel company based in Heraklion, Crete, Greece.

The sea is a way of living for us. Sailing in the Aegean and Cretan Sea for decades we have the knowledge and experience to offer you unique, authentic, everlasting moments of comfort, relaxation, and luxury together with ultimate safety.

Our personnel are very skilled, well trained, highly motivated and with a strong team spirit. We all try really hard to guarantee that you will get the best care and attention - a truly exclusive service. We are a professional yet friendly, fun-loving team. Our core interest is to take care of every detail so you can just relax and enjoy the unlimited beauties sailing has to offer.

All  About  Us

MGV-Yachts-Cruises is an officially licensed, government regulated and established Yacht Charter and Travel company. It actually represents a network of expertized, skillful, and passionate yacht owners (sailing yachts, motor yachts, catamarans, rib boats).

We offer a variety of crewed, pre - organized trips (half - day, full - day or multiple days long) as well as tailor - made cruises that will help you discover the heavenly, contradicting, often untouched scenery of the Cretan coastline and the unlimited treasures of the Greek islands.

The cornerstone of our success is our true belief in what we do, dedication to our customers and deep awareness of the yachting sector.

The fact that over 95% of our clients return year after year or recommend us to their friends.

Our company offers a range of well - maintained, fully equipped yachts that will meet the highest standards at surprisingly competitive prices.

There is no need to know anything about sailing. Still, If you feel like it, our skippers will be pleased to introduce you to the yachting basics.

Yacht chartering is an affair of mutual trust. In case you choose a bare - boat charter we will contact you personally upon your arrival. Any of your demands or questions will be discussed and responded to.

Annual boat maintenance under the exact instructions of boats' constructors guarantees you quality and exceptional comfort at each and every one of our trips. We commit ourselves that our boats comply with all the safety regulations set by the Greek and international naval laws.

At your embarkation an extended and detailed presentation will take place in order to help you feel comfortable with the boat and the systems on board.

During your trip we are always at your disposal in order to support you with weather reports, navigation warnings and other important news.

Explore  Our  Trips

Let's Cruise Together along the coastlines of

Crete and the Cyclades islands. Get a free quote and start planning your next sailing trip today !!

Sailing trips, yacht cruises in Heraklion, Agios Nikolaos, Crete

Discover  Destinations

Crete and Southern Aegean are dreamy sailing destinations offering amazing islands, laid back culture, delicious food, and wonderful beaches. Join MGV-Yachts-Cruises team, let's discover this magic together !!

Sailing trips, yacht cruises in Elounda, Spinalonga, Crete

Ingrid De Wilde

Thanks for a great family day. Professional,  discrete and making us feel totally at home with our girls of 8 and 11 who loved the experience as well. A truly unique experience and a bunch of idyllic pictures. Totally recommended!

Kevin Fisher

There are no words to explain this experience! It was the first time sailing with my family and we will absolutely remember this unique feeling forever!

George Harris

Amazing and unique!! The crew was very friendly, co-operative, and discrete while the vessel was clean and comfy. Thank you!!

David Yan

This is definitely the highlight of our entire trips so far. Me and my son Austin had the best experience living at this gorgeous sailboat. Our host, Giannis, treated us like family. He even brought his homemade chicken for lunch. I consider to come  again next year. Thank you so much Blusailing.

Olga Kostina

It was a magical day! Thanks for the experience and the good service!

Prekas Thanassis

One of the most incredible sailing trips we' ve ever done! Mr. Giannis and his crew absolutely joined us and made us pass unforgettable moments! Sailing the "BLU" was a great experience!!

Sailing trips Heraklion, Crete

Sailing  With  MGV-Yachts-Cruises

Bareboat  charters

For experienced sailors, bareboat charters along the seashores of Crete and the Cyclades islands is a “must”. Since you have that adventurous spirit and yearn for a live-aboard lifestyle, bareboating provides the utmost in freedom and privacy – do whatever you want, whenever you want to.

explore azure lagoons, undiscovered beaches, uninhabited islands. live your dreamy Greek sailing experience, create memories with family and friends on a bareboat sailing vacation that will last a lifetime. 

Should you decide to book a bareboat charter with MGV-Yachts-Cruises please note that you need to hold a valid International Certificate of Competence (ICC) or an International Proficiency Certificate (IPC).

If you are holding an American Sailing Association (ASA) license or a Royal Yachting Association (RYA) day skipper license, it can be easily converted into an ICC or IPC in your home country. 

Licenses issued by the German Sailing association (DSV) and the German Motor Yacht Association (DMYV) are accepted as well.

We strongly recommend that at least one additional guest holds a RYA Competent Crew Certificate or equivalent.



For sailing lovers, multi day charters along the seashores of Northern Crete and the Cyclades islands is a “must”. Since you have that adventurous spirit and yearn for a live-aboard lifestyle, sailing provides the utmost in freedom and privacy – do whatever you want, whenever you want to.

​explore azure lagoons, undiscovered beaches, uninhabited islands. live your dreamy Greek sailing experience, create memories with family and friends on a tailor-made sailing vacation that will last a lifetime. 


No skipper license? No big deal. You can book a crewed charter. Choose where you stop for lunch or anchor – you are in control of where you go. Crewed charters are perfect if you do not have sailing experience, the right bareboat certification or just want to enjoy a relaxed holiday. 

Crewed charters suit many types of travelers and sailors, including:

  • Adventure lovers who want to explore destinations from the water but can not sail. 

  • Sailors who haven’t the required bareboat license certification. If you do not have the proper license, you can still sail your destination with a crewed charter.

  • Sailors who want to relax with their friends and family rather than take the helm. While sailing is enjoyable for everyone else, it can be hard work for the skipper. 

  • Sailors who want to explore a new destination and get comfortable with the cruising ground. Some destinations are known to have challenging wind systems or navigation. A Crewed charter helps you to pick up advice and tips so you can sail bareboat next time.

  • New sailors who want to grow their confidence. A Crewed charter means you can grow your sailing experience without pressure. The crew will help you with route planning, sailing, and navigation. Of course you will be always able to assist the skipper and he will be excited to answer any sailing related questions you might have. 

Our company specializes in tailor made Private Crewed Multi Day Charters. Both crew members, skipper, and hostess (optional) are very experienced, hospitable, speak English fluently, and have deep knowledge of the sailboat. They are aware of Northern Crete and the Cyclades islands very well so we can guarantee that they will show you the best parts of these areas and offer you a truly memorable experience. 

Crewed, Tailor made Yacht  Charters

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